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What is LES?

LaplandES or LES is an Entrepreneurship Society where we offer help and support to our fellow students in order for them to pursue their dreams of becoming an entrepreneur or executing their own projects and events. In addition we are enhancing the connection between our local companies and the students.

We aim to do this by arranging events that enable networking with like-minded people and companies, and by acting as a support system and enabler for individuals so that they have all the tools and skills needed to reach their goals.

what's happening
are you interested of becoming
a les board member for year 2022?

We will have our annual meeting on
december 17th at 5.00 PM.
you can attend the meeting either in 
helsinki or rovaniemiwe will also have a teams link.
if you want to participate, please fill out this form:

klick here!

note: you need to be a les member to vote in our meetings and/or to attend our board. the instructions for joining can be found from this page. if any questions, please contact info(at)laplandes.fi
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