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about us

about us

story behind les

The fall of 2018 a group of students had a dream of bringing something completely new to Lapland: Dash Lapland, the northernmost design hackathon in the world! Creating the event from scratch was not without difficulties and the group had to face a lot of doubts from the people around them. After working hard for their joint dream of a high class design event, Dash Lapland became a reality in April of 2019!

The event was just a starting point for something bigger! It triggered a new kind of dream for the team. How could we help other students with similar needs and dreams? This is the story of why LES was born. Our vision from there on out has been to act as an enabler for student based projects and events, enhance entrepreneurship among students and bring the working life as well as opportunities for internationalization closer to our student community here in the area of Lapland.

our mission

LaplandES’s mission is to be a community for dreams and the beginning of a career in future.

our vision

LaplandES’s vision is to be the best place for students to start their own entrepreneurship journey both in Lapland and overseas.


OUR values


We offer equal possibilities for all of our members and those who are willing to join LES. Our activity is based on equality, mutual respect and non-discrimination also among all of our stakeholders. 


We are an ecologically, economically, administratively and socially responsible actor. Our activity is transparent and honest. For us responsibility means also considering the development of economic life in Lapland.


We want that every member has the feeling that they are genuinely part of our community. Our community consists of students from different fields and nationalities who together build the university culture in Lapland.


We dare to grab possibilities open-mindedly. We are willing to encourage our members to do the same by offering a safe environment to develop their skills.

boarD 2023

Unfortunately LES has no board or any other operations for year 2023.

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