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Unfortunately LES has no upcoming events for year 2023.

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sled business


SLED = Supported Lean Entrepreneurship with Design

SLED Business is a new business accelerator concept run together by LES, Arctic Factory and Innolight Consulting. SLED consists of three primary parts: Startup, Accelerator and Pitching. The first of the three concepts, SLED Startup is up and running starting on 21. - 22.2.2020 and the other two concepts will follow shortly! 

The main goal of SLED is to support people with the passion of becoming an entrepreneur or help existing businesses take their ideas to the next level. It's all about making sure people coming on board have all the tools and skills needed to make it long-term as a successful and profitable business!



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Startuplifers is a not-for-profit organization connecting the top Nordic talent with San Francisco Bay Area startups. They guarantee a free flight ticket, a hassle-free visa process, and a supportive community, making your transition to San Francisco seamless and fun. Together we will secure the job of your dreams.

LES is in collaboration with Startuplifers bringing their opportunities closer to our northern student community! This includes:

  1. Sharing job opportunities Startuplifers receives from companies in Silicon Valley.

  2. Sharing events for which both in-person and remote participation is possible.

  3. Sharing recordings and possibility to tune into live streams and core-material shared at the events.

  4. Most importantly offering the possibility to apply for Startuplifers programs!

Check out Startuplifers website and stay tuned for cool opportunities!

past projects


payday 2021

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Our second PayDay will be arranged on November 10th!

This is a hybrid event, so you can join either online or physically.

Everyone is invited to this inspiring & free event!

Follow LaplandES in Instagram to get the latest news about PayDay.


les x startuplifers

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LES x Startuplifers / Instagram Live


On Thursday October 7th we had an exciting Instagram Live session with Startuplifers! We heard a real life story from Pauliina Alanen (Startuplifers alumni) what it was like to work in a startup company in the legendary Silicon Valley. You can listen the session in our Instagram channel!


dash lapland

Rovaniemi, Finland

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Dash Lapland is the northernmost design hackathon in the world. The event was arranged for the first time in April 2019 and it's coming back this year even bigger and better! This year we have 6 companies bringing their challenges to the event and people from various backgrounds are gathered into multidisciplinary teams to solve those said problems over one weekend.

speechles 2.0

for the future - fearlesly

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SpeechLES is an inaugural speakers event that is one of LaplandES’s new projects  designed and organized fully by students. SpeechLES was held for the first time in March 2020 and we are back at it again in 25th of March!


speechles - internationally inspiring speakers event

SpeechLES is an inaugural speakers event that is one of LaplandES’s new projects  organized fully by students. Our theme for the Speechles 2020 was internationalization! The main purpose of the event is to bring together all students and entrepreneurs for an evening of inspiring speeches, socializing and networking.


In March 2020 our inspirational speaksers were Jonne Mäkikyrö, Dilixiati Bolati, Saila Laitinen, Matti Nojonen and Juho Uutela.

sled business - startup

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Onko sinulla idea, josta olet ajatellut tehdä bisnestä? Kiinnostaisiko perustaa oma firma? Tai haluaisitko vain tuoda oman osaamisesi kiinnostavan idean kehittämiseen tiimissä? Tule mukaan toteuttamaan visiosi ja kokeilemaan yrittäjyyttä luovassa porukassa! 

SLED Business Startup mahdollistaa yritysidean jalostamisen kestäväksi liiketoiminnaksi ammattitaitoisten yrittäjien ja muotoiluosaajien sparrauksessa. Ohjelma perustuu muotoilulähtöiseen prosessiin, jossa pääset viemään omaa yrityskokeilua konkreettisesti eteenpäin ensimmäisestä päivästä lähtien. 


ambitious africa x les


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LaplandESxAmbitious Africa - w/ Peter Vesterbacka

LaplandES (LES) is teaming up with Ambitious Africa for an evening webinar at Zoom! Have no clue what either of them are? No worries, no previous knowledge is needed, just come as you are, everybody is welcome!

You will:

- learn what the Ambitious Africa -project is all about
- discover new opportunities on how to join the movement
- get a chance to hear from our special guest Peter Vesterbacka!



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Payday - Sopii sulle jos aiot joskus jotain töitä tehä.


LES esittelee ensimmäisen webinaarimuotoisen tapahtumansa, kun Payday tärähtää linjoille 5.11.2020! Tapahtuma on suunnattu kaikille Lapin korkeakoulukonsernin opiskelijoille ja se koostuu viidestä erilaisesta esityksestä, joissa kuulijat pääsevät oppimaan työelämän kannalta hyödyllisistä taidoista.

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